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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hey guys,

Mikey here.

Not as active as I use to be around these parts but I am still around. It doesn't mean I have decided to disappear from the internet. Just been doing other things which I am here to present to you guys.

In the last year or so I started up a One Piece blog called One Piece at a Time (Great name right? haha). It is a blog about One Piece covering everything from the anime to the manga and everything else. Covering everything one piece at a time (Bad joke!).

So if you are a One Piece fan and like pretty pictures then hit up the site. We do a good job covering every anime episode and manga chapter. Every so often we have little fun pieces and when the moon is right there be an interview with a voice actor from the series. Currently we are having a contest which I hope you guys be willing to check out. Pretty soon we will also be celebrating our our first year anniversary.

Still I welcome you guys to check out the site and come aboard as my two other crewmates and I cover this long journey that is called One Piece.

__________________ Piece at a Time Blog

I need to find a new girl-on-girl animation.

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