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Default Re: HGSS AR Code Listings Thread

So has anyone found an IV modifier code aside from the all IV's 31 code?

Oh, also I saw that someone said the battle shiny pokemon code didn't work. Is this still the case or has it been replaced? Or does it indeed actually work?

Edit: This Shiny Pokemon code doesn't seem to work. It seems to freeze my game more than anything. I've never even gotten to see if it really works because anytime a battle starts my game freezes.

::Battle Wild Shining PKMN
5206E128 4284FE81
E2000108 00000060
021D15A8 41C64E6D
00006073 02111880
E92D40F0 E51F0010
E5900000 E1D018B4
E1D028B6 E0217002
E1A071A7 E51F1034
E51F2034 E51F3034
E5910000 E0243290
E0253294 E0246005
E1A069A6 E1560007
11A00004 1AFFFFF8
E5810000 E8BD80F0
1206E116 0000F792
E206E118 00000010
F7B1E800 1C05FE13
FE10F7B1 43050400
0206E128 E0001C28
D0000000 00000000

However I did stumble across this one and it seems to be in perfect working order for any one that needs it.


::Wild PKMN Shiny [European]
::Works with all legendaries (Thanks kenobi, codejunkies)
621D1584 00000000
0206DEFC 47004800
0206DF00 02000001
E2000000 0000003C
6800480D 490B6840
88011808 9C0D8842
40510C24 20074061
04244041 940D430C
21001C28 F06EAA0D
4801FEA3 46C04700
0206DF05 000000DC
021D1584 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Also I have a wild pokemon nature editing code but it seems whoever made it mixed up the names and codes seeing as I was using Timid and kept getting Sassy Lol but as soon as I've got the right codes to the right natures I will post it up.

Edit Edit: Nevermind. It seems the nature codes work fine but for some reason when the nature codes are used in conjunction with the 2nd shiny code that I provided up above the nature always turns out to be Sassy. Looks like there will be no shiny nature catching with those codes. Well here are the nature codes.
Ah, found out why. Turns out it's the European version shiny code. Currently looking for another US version that doesn't freeze my game.

:Wild Pokemon Nature Modifier

::Hardy ()
1206E120 00002400

1206E120 00002401

1206E120 00002402

1206E120 00002403

1206E120 00002404

1206E120 00002405

1206E120 00002406

1206E120 00002407

1206E120 00002408

1206E120 00002409

1206E120 0000240A

1206E120 0000240B

1206E120 0000240C

1206E120 0000240D

1206E120 0000240E

1206E120 0000240F

1206E120 00002410

1206E120 00002411

1206E120 00002412

1206E120 00002413

1206E120 00002414

1206E120 00002415

1206E120 00002416

1206E120 00002417

1206E120 00002418
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