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Default Re: DoH's Judgetastic Log!


Normal Rank

Bronzong v Wobbuffet v Ursaring v Pelipper | TO v Politoed Prince v Haze v Stormy

Bah, stuff happened. Ursaring has massive stats, which let's it pretty much rape in normal Contests.

I'm too lazy to go into details this time XD.


@ 4th Place w/ 346 points are Stormy and Pelipper. $1,000 + $500 CC
@ 3rd Place w/ 500 points are TO and Bronzong. $1,500 + $1,000 CC
@ 2nd Place w/ 658 points are Politoed Prince and Wobbuffet. $1,500 + $1,500 CC
@ 1st Place w/ 734 points are Haze and Ursaring. $2,500 + $2,000 CC + Normal Rank Smart Ribbon

I get $2,000 for Judging.
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
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