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Default National Park Update!

All right people, it's getting closer to that time! Edits have been done to some of the threads to take into consideration changes that have been made to the Park. Here's what's new:

-Starting from the day the Park reopens, we will now make use of Minimum Character Requirements. This is the number of characters you need to have in order to capture a Pokemon. Each Rank has its own MCR. The NBP of a Trainer will count towards the MCR of the next Pokemon that Trainer encounters (if you post three times before you meet x Pokemon, those three posts count towards its MCR. If you post two times before you encounter your next Pokemon, those two posts will count towards that Pokemon's MCR). This is now Rule 21 in the Rules thread.

-New Items have been added to the Park to reduce the MCR of a specific Pokemon. Each Pokemon can have its MCR reduced by up to 20%. The new Items take off a certain number of characters. The total number of characters that can be removed from each Rank to obtain 20% has been listed in both the Parkpedia and the Pokemon Location List so people can immediately see how many characters total can be knocked off.

-In order to flee from Wild Pokemon, a Trainer must first have their escape attempt rolled by the Ranger. This roll has to be witnessed by a staff member of the URPG and the result must be posted in the Escape Attempt thread. However, a Trainer using a PokeDoll will escape from a Wild Pokemon 100% of the time. This is now Rule 22 in the Rules thread.

-Rangers can now reroll a Trainer's encounter list depending on how that Trainer is doing. Trainers doing very poorly can have their lists rerolled for only Common and Uncommon Pokemon, leaving out all other Ranks. Trainers doing very good can have their lists rerolled for only Pokemon in the Uncommon and above Ranks, leaving out Common Pokemon. Rangers must first get permission from an Elite Ranger before they reroll a Trainer's list, and they can only reroll the list twice for the current visit. This is now Rule 23 in the Rules thread.

-Temporary Licenses will no longer be given out. All Ranger Tests will either be Pass or Fail.

-Ranger Tests now consist of two parts; the "Ranger's Last Reply" and the "Trainer's Reply". This gives a Ranger more to work with when posting and lets them see exactly how the Trainer's post is interacting with the Ranger's Last Post.

Currently we're getting the new Ranger Tests ready, and Phoenix is fixing up the Capture Rate calc to reflect the enforcement of MCRs. I'm hoping to get the Tests out by Saturday; when we get five Rangers back on active duty, I will declare the Park reopened.
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