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Default Re: Burning Inferno Clan

Originally Posted by L05t_Caws_15 View Post
hey guys, I'm still here. I'm not sure how active I will be cause I'm going on vacation for three weeks until August 22nd.
Okay well thank you for telling me this, I will put you on vacation that way you can still be in the clan just let me know when you get back

Originally Posted by Kamoosekazi View Post
I'm sorry for all the in-activeness, just started a new job and it's a mon-fri 8-5 deal. So when I get home I just try to raid on WoW, play a bit of pokemon and sleep. My weekends are my only time off, but my dad has been making me work my ass off cause he's on disability for at least the next 4 months (if not the rest of his life).

In short, I'm withdrawing from the clan as I don't have the time to put in. GL guys, you're all good people =)
Okay well, I wish you the best of luck in life.

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