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Default Re: Advice and opinions on my HeartGold and SoulSilver teams

machamp's ability is no guard so I figured that dynamicpunch should be good. but I already transported giga impact and hyper beam from my platinum game so alakazam and machamp already know the moves. I was figuring to keep them since with machamp's high attack I could use giga impact and switch with alakazam's hyper beam if the opponent's pokemon fainted from one hit. I was only planning on using that till I beat the elite four, then switch them out. with feraligatr, I'm probably keeping ice fang, and swords dance sounds like a good alternative to hydro pump. with larvitar I was planning on his moveset to be stone edge, dark pulse, crunch, and earthquake. I've always been a more kind of head on type of trainer, thinking that if I can knonck out my opponent's pokemon in one hit then there would be no need for stat raising moves.
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