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Default Re: Best and Worst stages to Brawl on

Originally Posted by General Dunsparce View Post
Neutral Stages:
Final Destination, Smashville, Battle field Pokemon Stadium (Melee) and Yoshi's Island

Counter Pick Stages:
Delfino Plaza, Frigate, Halberd, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium (brawl) Castel Siege, Picto Chat, Jungle Japes, Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar

Banned Stages:
Everything else (laziness rofl)

So, iirc, these are the exact stage choices for competitive play. The neutral stages are the ones you play on round one, seeing how they're the basic stage and good to start off on. The counterpick stages are stages you can chose to fight on if you lose round 1. As long as your opponent doesn't ban the stage you want, you can go to that stage. Banned stages... Well competitive play doesn't really call for that so no deal.

Personally I'm a fan of my favorite CP stage PS1 (Pokemon Stadium Melee) Lucas is just so pro there because he can wall lock and do all of his ATs that allow him to camp. But if we're talking about Neutrals... Then Battle Field because I found an advanced technique that really helps lucas there. The worst stage to brawl on, competitive-wise, for me is Rainbow cruise. Cause you fight a Metaknight there... Well its game over.
I love final destinatipon ;o my favorite place to battle no trickery just real skill.
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