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Default Re: DoH's Judgetastic Log!


Normal Rank

Charizard v Infernape v Bronzong v Electrivire | Monbrey v AS v TO v Omegaman

Charizard dominated for most of the Contest, though Infernape managed to snag first position twice. Bronzong trailed behind most of the time, having fun Startling the other Pokemon. Vire did pretty well for its first Contest (or at least I think this was its first). If Omega had had some stats on it, it would have most likely beat Infernape, which grabbed 3rd place with a measly 7 points over Vire. Zong got second place despite lagging behind for almost the entire Contest. See kids? Primary Scores are important!


@ 4th Place w/ 360 points are Omegaman and Electrivire. $1,000 and $500 CC
@ 3rd Place w/ 367 points are AS and Infernape. $1,500 and $500 CC
@ 2nd Place w/ 465 points are TO and Bronzong. $1,500 and $1,000 CC
@ 1st Place w/ 766 points are Monbrey and Charizard. $2,000 and $1,500 CC + Normal Rank Cool Ribbon

I get $2,000 for Judging.
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
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