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Default Re: Announcement and stuff!

Originally Posted by sheepskinfuton View Post
Woo. I've been holding off on replying to any of my RPs because I wasn't sure if there were going to be any big changes, and I wanted to make sure my trainers get their mons fairly, and also get to keep them. D:

I guess I'll just tie up a few NBPs that I should've done ages ago, and then just wait for the test.

I'll be willing to help with anything, though I probably won't be needed. D:
Heh, actually, if people want to give possible situations for Tests that would be nice. Just don't expect your suggestion to turn out as you submitted it; it would be changed up a bit so people couldn't easily get through a Test. But if more people help it sorta cuts down on what I have to do, which would be nice since I've started work this week and I won't have another day off till Saturday ^^'.

Originally Posted by Feng277394 View Post
Ooo could this test get circulated off to non-rangers too? The Ranger count is pretty small and probably not ready to take in a storm of people when the Park finally reopens.
Well, I can talk with the others to see if Tests would be better off posted in an open thread, like I think they are with the Story section. That way potential Rangers could look at the Tests and everything. Of course, the one they're sent will still probably be picked by whoever gives the Test, instead of the person picking which Test they wanna do (like I think they do in the Story section).

Originally Posted by Shock64 View Post
The Ranger count really isn't that small, dude. Some people just don't Ranger more than one person at a time. But regardless, more Rangers are good. xP

Do we need to PM you if we're a Ranger already?
Bolded for truth lol.

Nah, I think the Ranger list is pretty much updated with everyone who's a Ranger, if not exactly updated as to who's active and all. Once I start sending out Tests I'll either post in this thread or make a new one about it; if you don't get a Test within five or so days you can go ahead and PM me just to make sure I didn't overlook you or something.

Now then, regarding the Tests...I haven't had too much time to work on them because I started work Sunday. I've started on one but that's it really. So any suggestions and snippets you guys might want to toss at me would be cool, 'cause then I could print them all off and mix and match and stuff ^^.

Anyways, it might be another few days before the Tests are ready. I'm sorry this keeps getting pushed back more and more ^^'. Darn irl stuff all interrupting mah forum life lol.
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