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Default Re: Pokemon XD Graphics.

Originally Posted by Winter_Cherry View Post
AGREED! It was for the Wii, it was what actually tipped off me and my siblings we were getting a Wii for Christmas that year because my Uncle sent it for us and my little brother saw it. I was all excited because the characters were supposed to be customizeable and you could use your teams from your DS games, but when it turned out to be just battling through different places for points and your pokemon didn't even get EXP, I dropped it after hitting the colleseum where you have to pick your pokemon off a wheel. I ended up hating it.

I actually think Pokemon Snap for the N64 that we ended up downloading for the Wii was better, and all you do in there is take pictures. The graphics for it were amazing as well, everything moved and looked really nice, and it's an older game, so I was kinda of surprised.
Lol taking pictures of pokemon seems well idk.. find of slow and boring I wanna pewpewpwn some pokepokes
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