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Default Re: SSBB Tier List V.4

Mmm, well, you do know that haters are gonna hate lol. Not to say brawl or melee is better though. They both have things that make them fun. But then again, all of you hardcore melee fans take it too far with your constant whinning about brawl sucks cause yadda yadda yadda. So what? Just keep to yourself. Some people like brawl, some people like melee some like both lol. It's like, no one wants hear about why brawl sucks and melee is superior. Just go back to your wavedashing and stuff and like not whine about it :/

As for Dylan. Yeah, even though toon link is a clone, it doesn't mean he has to suck. They gave link a terrible recovery, he has a heck of a lot better DI, but he's not as fast and has terrible MUs. Which are all places Tink excels.

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