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Default Re: SSBB Tier List V.4

Originally Posted by General Dunsparce View Post
Ol uMad, Moe? Well, it's all about opinions. Personally I like them both lol
Yes I am mad, I waited so long for Brawl to come out. And when I finally got it, I hated everything about it. From the wifi lagging horribly to the controls being delayed and slow. I have met the #1 ranked SSBB player in the world and I wasn't very impressed. Couple Motar Slides, used his grenade to get and extra 3rd jump, meh.

I'm not the only person who thinks this though, I met this guy on youtube.

"Melee takes a lot more precision and perfection, mastering it is a lot harder, also involves a much higher level of play when it comes to mindgames or playing smart in general. Brawl is more mindgame dependant than tech skill dependant, but that doesnt mean it has more "mindgames" than melee, because its not even close lol. Brawl is bad, and worth the $15 or however much i sold it back for. Anyone true to melee still looks at it the same."
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