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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

Ayame was sitting outside on a bench at a park with her Espeon, Luna.

"What a nice warm day, huh, Luna?"

The Espeon just looked at the sky and tilted her head. Ayame looked at the sky and felt a drop of rain on her nose, she then leaned back with her arms on the top of the bench, closing her eyes and letting the rain touch her face.

"They didn't say anything about rain today, did they Luna?" Ayame said. "Luna?"

Ayame opened her eyes and her pokemon had taken off, but small tracks led towards a large forest. Ayame got up and took off. As she started running the air turned cold as frost was forming on the plant, even on her skin.

"What's going on..?" she whispered quietly to herself.

Ayame tripped in over a rock, and landed on the ground.

"Oww.. Uh.."

She went to pull herself up when she heard a noise in back of her. She turned around and a large Houndoom was towering over her over on the sides some Houdours and other houndooms where standing there, growling. They all had red eyes. She was too shocked to speak. Ayame jumped up and took off in the direction of Luna, she was the only pokemon, Ayame had equiped with her. Flame, the Charizard was hanging around on some hills with some wild Charizards, Elite the Houndour was resting in her friend's house, and Sych the Umbreon was being healed at the pokemon center.

"Chr?" Flame said as it started raining, after a minute of looking up at the sky he took off, leaving the other Charizards puzzled.

"Elite, I got your food done, Elite?" Mariana asked.

Mariana turned around to see her sliding door was opened, and her Jolteon was looking out the window.

"Huh, uh..." Mariana murmured as she leaned against the side looking out. "What's going on here..?"

There was snow falling from the sky.

"Sych! Please come back, you're not well enough to travel yet!" Nurse Joy yelled, as the Umbreon bursted out of the doors, scrambling people and their pokemon to the ground.

Ayame ran into the forest, she kept running, but knew the pokemon were close behind her.

"What's wrong with all of you!? Did I do something!?" she yelled behind her.

Ayame came upon a cave, and she ran into it, and came out right away on the other end into a slide into an open feild, It wasn't snowing or raining here, odd enough.Where am I? She didn't have time to think because the houdoom was getting up behind her with the pack still at his heels. Ayame jumped up and kept running.

"How long do I have to run! What's wrong today!?" she yelled.
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