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Default Part 1: Floppy, Sprout Tower and the Zephyr Badge

My story starts with me choosing Totodile as my starter. I chose him because he could utilise 4 HM's at once, where as the others couldn't.

Almost instantly I caught a Hoothoot and a Poliwag, to round of my other HM Slaves.

Then, in the only piece of cheating I will do on this run, I Gamesharked it so that I found a Magikarp in the wild. It was a level 4 female, and I nicknamed it "Floppy." Thought it needed an epic name.

My first encounter with Floppy.

With difficulty, I made it onto that Route just before Violet City. After healing floppy, I set to work levelling it up, splashing 40 times against Hoppips before killing random Pokémon with Struggle, though Hoppip did seem to yield the best results.

Levelling up was painstakingly boring.

After I got to around level 12/13, I started to, after losing all of Splash's PP, going to Sprout Tower, and beating everyone, apart from the last trainer (the one that gives you HM05 Flash). But my that time, I was on the verge of levelling to 15, where I could learn Tackle. I beat one more Hoppip, before taking on the Violet City gym.

I beat the gym trainers with ease, before heading on to battle Falkner. First up was his lvl 7 Pidgey. The best it could do was inflict 3HP of damage per turn, and I beat it quickly.

Next, was his lvl 9 Pidgeotto standing in the way of Floppy and the Zephyr badge. We quickly exchanged blows - my Tackle and his gust, before he got me onto 2 HP; he was on the mid-yellow colour. I used a Potion on Floppy, and that was enough to KO him. I had 7HP remaining. The Zephyr badge was mine!

A simple victory.

Before taking the Togepi egg, I went off to finish Sprout Tower. Try as I could, the Bellsprout's Vine Whip was too powerful. I would come back later.

Taking the Togepi egg, I started to head off to Union cave, where the next leg of my journey would begin...


Current Stats - Magikarp (Floppy), Female lvl 15. Current location - Violet City. Badges: 1

To Do:
  • Get HM Flash from Sprout Tower

AIM: Politoed Prince