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Yeah. True. (Yep!)

Yeah, and that would have been really bad. Thinking about what would happen to poor Nightshade isn't good. D:

Woo! Yeah, exactly. Whether she likes it or not. >.< Which...I know she doesn't. xD
Yeah...o_O He wouldn't have survived if he was left alone and not found by the others.

Yeah, of course not! XD

xDD THE GUY WITH THE BAGS IS A HUGE THREAT. WATCH OUT FOR THAT BACKPACK!! Yeah... D: I wonder what's gonna happen to Blazefang, on that note! o: (Oh, awesome! 8D I didn't know you had started yet. ^^) Yeah! o: YES I DO! OH YAY! I sure hope so. xD
XDDDDD Well, I know what'll happen to Blazefang with the Forbidden Attack, but I'm not telling! >=D (Well, I'm not super close to it, but I'm going to need the lines whenever I start working on it a lot again...dunno when that'll be. XD)

Zhol: That is truly sad, considering she wouldn't mean harm to anyone but Master... Although, that is questionable.

Dusty: Uh, yeah! Nightshade, hello? D: But I reckon some kind part of her was being controlled by her sickness or something to make her do that. I agreed with Rosie when she said that Thunder was full of threats but no action...well, that was until she did take action. *to Blazefang* You're right. I don't! xD

Echo: He's a total nutjob. I don't know what he swallowed to make him that crazy. So much for the one who knew what he was doing!

Zhol: I don't believe I said that. And he made the effort, which is what counts.

Dusty: Yeah, Stormblade... Why can't Shard be like him? That scyther has a mean cold shoulder.

Habib: But he's very loyal! If you get to know him, I guarantee you will like him. ^^

xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD at Alex! xDDD And Blazefang! xDD
Blazefang: She sure SEEMED like she wanted to harm everyone else!

Snowcrystal: I think you're right, though. She wouldn't be like this at all if it weren't for Master... *to Dusty* You think her sickness had something to do with it?

Blazefang: Consider yourself lucky then. -_-

Snowcrystal: Nightshade isn't crazy!

Rosie: He was there!

Snowcrystal: Nightshade did know what he was doing! I mean....nobody can always predict what someone like Thunder will do...

Redclaw: I think more pokemon need to be like Stormblade.

Blazefang: You mean half dead?

Redclaw: No.

(Okay, new chapter! This one's pretty long.)

The Path of Destiny
Chapter 49-The Agreement

Snowcrystal tensed as the human holding the poké ball stepped toward her with a fiercely determined look in his eyes. To her relief, the human holding her stepped away from him as he did so. “You can’t just…just catch her,” he said, seeming to fumble for the words.

“What do you mean?” the human with the poké ball yelled back. “It’s a wild pokémon. You’re supposed to catch them!”

“Not…this one. And this is not what I wanted to talk about,” the trainer holding Snowcrystal said more fiercely. “You have to leave. There’s a very bad poacher-”

“He’s not a poacher for catching wild pokémon, if that’s what you mean,” the smaller human snarled.

Justin, stop it…” his companion whispered, sounding worried. “Listen to him. If he’s come to warn us, something must be wrong. Let’s just get out of here…” Snowcrystal was surprised to hear the name ‘Justin’, but she couldn’t speculate now; there were much more urgent matters to think about at the moment.

“Well what are you doing all the way out here?” Justin shouted, ignoring Katie. “You must be out here to catch pokémon too!”

“No,” the trainer holding Snowcrystal replied. “My pokémon and I were exploring.”

"What sort of trainer explores places in the middle of nowhere without a pokémon center for no good reason?" Justin yelled.

Snowcrystal looked up at the trainer holding her, who seemed confused as to why Justin hadn’t found his answer an acceptable one, and at a loss for what to say. He shrugged. “Me, I guess. I’m not much of a battler. I just like to see new places and see how wild pokémon live-”

“Well you’re a freak if you call this fun!” Justin growled.

“You should go back to the city,” the taller human told him without answering, once again trying to warn the strange humans about Master. “Do you have a flying pokémon?”

“I’m not going back without that growlithe!” Justin snarled, his gaze still fixed firmly on Snowcrystal.

“I have a flying type,” the female human said slowly, acting like she was trying to ignore Justin, “a pidgeot. But he’s injured…”

“Then come with me,” the tropius’ trainer told them, and mounted his pokémon again, still holding Snowcrystal. “We’ll be safe in the city.”

The city? Snowcrystal thought frantically. There was no way she could go to the city now. She couldn’t leave her friends in danger. She started to struggle against the human’s grip, but he only gave her a brief worried look before he looked back at Justin and his companion, still holding her firmly. Snowcrystal desperately wished he would let his alakazam out. She couldn’t run away; she needed to remind the alakazam that her friends were still out there…

Justin, miraculously, seemed to be distracted from the subject of Snowcrystal for a moment. “How do you know we can trust him?” he yelled at his companion, who had started to walk toward the trainer and his tropius. “I don’t believe him…he’s using that as an excuse to keep the growlithe himself!” Snowcrystal cringed; just like that, Justin was back to focusing on her again. The trainer holding her fidgeted nervously, as if he hadn’t counted on them not trusting him.

“Don’t you think that if he wanted to catch it he would have done so already?” the female trainer told him. “He wasn’t holding onto it while riding a tropius for the fun of it. And if he wanted to attack us, he would have done that too. And look at the burns on his clothes…it’s obvious he’s encountered trouble. He can’t be lying about it-”

“The growlithe burned him, more like,” Justin muttered.

“It’s not attacking him now,” she pointed out.


“Come on, he has the growlithe, so let’s go back. There’s no use in staying here and getting lost around this place without a healthy flying type for ourselves. And if he tries anything…” She looked at the trainer on the tropius and Snowcrystal realized with surprise that she suddenly looked a bit suspicious. “I have pokémon too.” Without waiting for a reply from Justin, she climbed on the tropius’s back behind its trainer.

Snowcrystal shuddered as she watched Justin, hoping that if he did agree to go with them, he wasn’t about to try and capture her in the poké ball while they were in the air.

She was thinking of how to get the attention of the trainer holding her in some way, when a loud roar interrupted her thoughts. The trainer’s grip on her loosened; she turned around and peered over his shoulder at the shape of a massive arcanine stalking slowly toward them from a group of rocks. The fur of his mane was standing on end and he looked much more ferocious than usual. His head turned and he spotted Snowcrystal.

With another roar he ran toward the humans, and behind him, a few more shapes emerged from the rocks; Snowcrystal saw the somewhat distant shapes of Alex, Wildflame, and Spark.

The tropius they were currently riding on started to back away, moving so suddenly that he almost dislodged Katie and his own trainer. Both of them threw poké balls ahead of them; Katie’s beam of light formed into an azumarill, and Arien the alakazam appeared from the other.

“Katie…what’s going on?” Justin cried in a frightened voice, running behind the tropius and staring at the oncoming pokémon fearfully.

“They’re making a mistake…” Snowcrystal whispered to herself. “Arien!” she yelled, watching Redclaw get closer and closer to the two defending pokémon, the others not far behind. “Tell them to stop! Tell your trainer to stop!”

But the alakazam was too busy focusing on the oncoming pokémon and forming a protective barrier around himself as he stood in front of the humans to reply. Snowcrystal wasn’t sure he had even heard her.

Redclaw was almost upon them now, looking ready to attack the barrier again and again until he got through-Snowcrystal knew that protect only lasted so long-and pokémon, either the trainers’ pokémon or Redclaw and the others, or both, were bound to get hurt. She tried to shout out to Redclaw, but her voice was drowned out by another roar before Redclaw fired a blast of flame at the alakazam’s barrier. Spark was right behind him, electricity flying off his form as his fur sharpened into pointed spines. He looked ready to attack Azumarill…

Then he stopped. The electricity across his body flickered feebly and then died out. A look of pure disbelief spread across his face as he stood staring-at what, Snowcrystal wasn’t sure-then he turned to Redclaw and yelled, “STOP!”

Perhaps it was the surprise of seeing a friend who had come to help him telling him this, but Redclaw did stop. Arien's protect faded away, but he did not attack; instead he merely watched as Alex and Wildflame caught up. They also withheld from attacking, but looked far more nervous than Redclaw.

Snowcrystal wriggled free of the human’s grasp and ran to meet them, making sure to stay out of the range of Justin, who still seemed so intent on capturing her, and Wildflame, Alex, and Redclaw, seeming to realize she was not in immediate danger, relaxed.

“Snowcrystal, what’s going on?” Wildflame asked. “What are you doing-”

“That’s him,” Spark whispered, to no one in particular. “That’s…my trainer.”

“Your WHAT?” Wildflame asked, whirling around to face the jolteon, but Spark wasn’t listening; he had already started running toward Justin.

Of course Justin was Spark’s trainer. It was Justin, Snowcrystal realized, that Spark had been looking at. She had thought, however, that he had just been some other human named Justin, not actually Spark’s former trainer. Snowcrystal turned to watch, slightly worried for her friend, but he passed the two trainer pokémon easily; they simply watched him. Justin stepped out from behind the tropius, looking confused for a moment until the jolteon came closer and recognition dawned on him.

Spark reached Justin and jumped up to greet him so enthusiastically that he completely bowled him over. Justin, however, didn’t seem to mind at all; he threw his arms around the jolteon, whose fur had turned back to being silky and smooth, and buried his head in the stiff fur of Spark’s mane. Spark was rapidly licking the top of Justin’s head-for he couldn’t reach his face-and shouted joyfully in between licks. “Justin! Justin! I finally found you!”

Wildflame shot Snowcrystal a surprised look, and Snowcrystal returned it; she had been taken off guard by the sudden turn of events just as much as Wildflame had. The two trainers and the rest of the pokémon looked confused, too.

“Justin?” the trainer called Katie asked. “What…is that…an old pokémon of yours?”

Justin looked up for a moment to nod, and the moment he did so, Spark got up as well and began to run joyous circles around him. “It’s Spark…my jolteon.” He was smiling; in the short time Snowcrystal had seen this human, he had looked so unhappy. Snowcrystal hadn't seen Justin this happy, and from the looks of Katie, neither had she.

The trainer who had carried Snowcrystal slowly stepped down from his tropius. “Are you going to listen to me now?” he asked.

As he began to talk to Katie, Snowcrystal remembered the alakazam. Moving close to him, she whispered, “Can you help me? I need your trainer’s help. Me and my friends need to get to…to Stonedust City. And…” She paused, wondering how on earth she was going to explain her quest to this pokémon so quickly. She took a deep breath. “We need to find out as much as we can…about something called the Forbidden Attacks. They’re far too powerful, and some are on the loose, and we’ve heard that the only pokémon who-”

“I have heard of the Forbidden Attacks,” Arien replied. “We know the story. When my trainer and I found the frozen corpse of a torkoal, we thought it might be…one of them.”

“So you believe it?” Snowcrystal breathed a sigh of relief, trying to put the thought of the ice Forbidden Attack out of her mind. At least she knew that the pokémon who had that attack was being watched closely and controlled. And Arien and his trainer knew about the attacks, and believed it. That made things easier. It was surprising, but when she thought of it, Arien’s trainer did seem like the sort of human to believe in and chase after legends. Perhaps he’d already tried to find proof of the Forbidden Attacks. There was no mistaking it now; they needed this human’s help, as they weren’t bound to find another like him. “We need to find out who created the Forbidden Attacks. When I met Articuno…I know that’s hard to believe, but…but…well, he said that only the ones who created the attacks could destroy or take away…”

She began rapidly explaining to Arien, not sure how much else he was going to believe, when she was interrupted suddenly as Katie cried out and pointed; Blazefang and Rosie were slowly creeping toward the group. Rosie looked terrified, but also seemed determined to see why the others were just standing there near strange humans. As they got closer, Rosie suddenly stopped, letting Blazefang walk on ahead. The houndour didn’t look pleased. “What’s going on here?” he growled.

“These are my friends,” Snowcrystal said hurriedly to the alakazam, in case he perceived them as a threat.

Justin looked up at the two approaching pokémon, giving Blazefang an uneasy glance. Standing up and putting one hand on Spark’s head, he glanced at the trainer who had brought Snowcrystal with him. To Snowcrystal’s relief, he didn’t start yelling at the trainer about catching her again. “The poacher…won’t be able to reach us for a while?” he asked. “He’s far away, isn’t he?” When the trainer nodded and replied, “far enough,” Justin just scowled at him. “What is your name?” he asked suddenly, giving the trainer a cold glare.

“Um…Damian,” the trainer replied, looking a bit worried, as if he wasn’t sure what Justin wanted from him.

“Well, Damian,” Justin replied, a sneer on his face. “Just what did you want with that growlithe? You must not have wanted it very much, seeing as you just let it go like that. You can’t object to me catching it now, can you?” Snowcrystal’s eyes widened at these words; she had thought for a moment that she was out of danger.

Beside him, Spark tensed in alarm as Justin walked toward Snowcrystal with the poké ball in his hand. The jolteon grabbed Justin’s sleeve in his teeth and tried to pull him back, but Justin hardly noticed. Snowcrystal started to back away as a few of her friends made threatening growls and stepped forward.

“Wait,” Damian said, stepping toward Justin. “You can’t…”

“Why can’t I?” Justin snarled.

“She has a quest.”

At this, Snowcrystal looked at the trainer in surprise. Arien must have been conveying him her message after all…

“What do you mean, ‘a quest’?” Justin spat back. “It’s a pokémon! And I need her.”

“You can’t take her,” Damian replied, speaking more strongly than before, but as he spoke, he was walking toward Snowcrystal. “But if she wants, I can help her find out what she needs to know.” He stooped down and reached his hand out to the growlithe.

“WHAT?” Justin yelled. “What are you talking about? You’re insane! Do you know how long we’ve been looking for-”

Katie, however, seemed calmer, though equally perplexed. “What do you mean?” she asked Damian. “…help her find out what she needs to know?”

“She wants to find out about the Forbidden Attacks,” he told her.

Justin paused, seeming like he was wracking his brain for something, as if the words sounded familiar, but Katie seemed to know what Damian meant at once. “I’ve heard about those…well, I don’t think anyone’s sure they even exist…sure, a few people have supposedly seen one…it could be like how people used to not believe in Ho-oh, but…but why would a growlithe care about Forbidden Attacks?” She looked at Damian like he was crazy, suddenly seeming doubtful of the whole thing.

“Snowcrystal?” Wildflame whispered as she edged closer to the growlithe. “How does that human know what we’re searching for?”

“His alakazam,” Snowcrystal whispered back. “They have some sort of psychic link…” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Blazefang look at Arien with sudden interest.

“If the humans don’t believe,” Wildflame whispered back to Snowcrystal. “We could always get Blazefang to show them the attack, right?” Blazefang shot her a look of horror, and she hissed, “I was joking!” back at him.

Snowcrystal turned to look at Damian, who was still holding his hand out to her, but she didn’t go closer. “The growlithe told my alakazam,” the trainer explained to the other two humans. “And he told me…she said that some of the Forbidden Attacks are on the loose, and she needs to find out what pokémon created them, so that they can stop them and stop more pokémon from getting hurt and killed.” He said this as if it was the simplest thing in the world and that the two younger humans would have no problem understanding.

“Not to mention,” Wildflame muttered as they waited for Justin and Katie’s response as they stared at Damian in stunned silence, “Blazefang has one of the attacks himself.” Damian’s alakazam looked at her then turned to his trainer. A strange expression crossed Damian’s face-Snowcrystal was sure that Arien had told him about Blazefang-but he did not say anything aloud.

“You’re making this up!” Justin growled at Damian. “I don’t care what you do, I’m catching that growlithe!” He stepped forward, but a yellow blur darted in front of him and stopped. Spark, blocking his former trainer’s way, looked up at him pleadingly. Snowcrystal could tell that he wished he could speak to Justin in words, to tell him that Damian was right…

“Spark…” Justin said slowly.

Spark refused to budge. He turned his head toward Damian, then back to Justin, giving him the same pleading look.

Continued in next post...

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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