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Default SLCalamity's Solo Run - Magikarp

Hello, I'm SLCalamity, and I am going to be attempting to do a solo run. For those who don't know, a solo run is when you travel through Pokémon using one species. HM Slaves are allowed.

For those who want a challenge, most people pick something like Magikarp or Metapod. However, as much as I would like to do something unique, I will be using a Magikarp also. To make the adventure harder, I will not just progress until I catch one, but enter a GS code for me to find one in the wild.

My HM slaves will be:

Totodile - Cut, Surf, Stength, Whirlpool
Poliwag - Waterfall
Hoothoot - Flash, Fly

I will be posting it on the forum so I have motivation to do this, in front of everyone. Wish me luck.


Part 1: Floppy, Sprout Tower and the Zephyr Badge
Part 2: Slowpokes, Scyther and Bayleef

Part 3: A better than NORMAL time!

AIM: Politoed Prince

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