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Default Re: [WAR IX]- URPG Section

Loggin for Xali

No Items
No Weather/Terrain
Slp/Frz Clause
WAR Battle

RaptorJesus (ASWL) vs Near (SSGSS)

WTP: Gliscor, Gallade, Bronzong
Near: Kangaskhan, Spiritomb, Kingdra

It was a constant uphill battle for Near. Gallade switched in early and got big attack boosts. It scared off Kanga and beat up Spirit. Then it switched to Zong, which set up a trick room and exploded killing both. With some skillful stalling from Gallade, it hit Kingdra with a Close combat on the last turn of Trick room, after taunting and protecting. Gliscor came in and cleaned up, winning by 2%.

WTP: 2k and 1 point for ASWL
Near: 1k
Xali: 2k
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