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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

Player: IchigoTorisuna
Character Name: Jaden Wolfe
[Age: 18
Gender: Female
Legendary: Shaymin
Appearance: Jaden is 5'4 with dark cyan blue hair and matching eyes. She wears a dark red turtle neck shirt with no sleeves and long baggy black jeans. She has two rubber bracelets on her right arm (One pink that says "Werewolves Bite!" and the other black with purple paw prints) with two rings on the same hand. One is a celestial ring (Moon, Stars, Etc.) on her pinky and the other has blue and red triangles on it on her ring finger. On her other hand she has a spinning silver ring on her ring finger. She wears yin yang earrings and an ear band with a sword on it on her right ear too. Her shoes are normal dark red slip on's. She's normally seen with a dark gray jacket on, but she does take it off sometimes.
Personality: Jaden can be somewhat stubborn at times and a little hot-headed and reckless. Most of the time she's quiet, calm, and somewhat cold to people she first meets. She doesn't really like talking to people much, so Jaden mostly stays to herself.
She loves Pokemon and loves being around them. Most of the time, she's seen playing with her Riolu, Eevee and Charizard.
Bio: Jaden used to live in the Johto region until her mother decided to move to the Sinnoh region. Before moving there though, she found an abandoned egg on the side of a dirt road, before leavign her grandparents house on Iron Island. A note was attached to the egg. It read: Who-so-ever finds this egg will be granted to responsibility to learn about the power of Aura and how to use it. Beware of taking this egg, for it could change your destiny forever." Not heading the warning, she took the egg anyway.

A few years after they moved to the Sinnoh region, their grandpa got terribly ill. They had to move back and take care of him. When he got better, they decided to live there on the island with them. Jaden and Riolu trained almost every day in the mountains. They would practice moves, combo's, and many other combat skills.

One day she met a shy little Shaymin. She watched it crawl into the Gracedia flowers and change into its Sky Form. It flew over to her and started talking to her. Explaining why she had chosen Jaden.
"Jaden, you are chosen to become by my successor. I have personally chosen you and only you." She explained. "You now have a tattoo on your body, showing you are on of the chosen successor's of a legendary Pokemon, like many others." She landed in front of Jaden. Jaden knelt down and continued to listen. "You have to help the other legendaries defeat their evil counter parts and save the captured legendarys." Jaden nodded, signaling she was listening.

The Shaymin continued, "I have Chosen you because I can tell you will do good and help rescue the other trapped legendaries and defeat the evil ones." With that, the Shaymin flew up and started to fly away. "I'll be seeing you, Jaden Wolfe."
Pokemon Team: Riolu, Eevee, and Charizard
Other: Nothing Else

((I hope this covers everything! I also have a question: What does it mean how they got caught?))

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