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Default Re: Heart Gold and Soul Silver Too Easy?!?!

Originally Posted by Ashlynx View Post
i'm just wondering if anyone else is finding this game to easy like i mean Pryce is level 35 ish and after that you face a horde of rokets level 17ish i mean come on all that is mild exp and pp wastage!

well i would normally play pokemon by making every pokemon i find thesame level as each other
(in pokemon diamond i'm at the battle tower(after the elite four) and i have 18 pokemon at around level 50 to 40)

So this is my first time playing pokemon with only 6 pokemon because y friends recomended me to do so and i am finding this game way way too easy like normally the gym leaders would be aproximately 10 levels ahead of me but know there the same levels and defeating Silver is incredibly easy like i remember that in old silver versions that battling silver after the bug gym was pretty hard and i needed to actually go back and train wich i rarely do now he barely manages to take down one pokemon

im just wondering if anyone else is findign this easy and say like wich gyms your on

ive just finished beating team rocket in goldenrod city
Easiest pokemon game ever, still worth buying?? HELLAH YESHAH.

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