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Default Re: Pokemon The First Movie- like or dislike??

Originally Posted by ash_ketchup View Post
I love the first pokemon movie cuz i saw it in theatres when i was four :) so magical. but theres a few things i need to complain about. Really mewtwo? ur gonna complain about being a beast just cuz ur cloned?? and the other thing. when ash first battles that trainer in the beggining-ish part of the movie. the trainer sends out a pinsir, venomoth, and golem. pikachu ko's them with 1 thunderblast. golem is ground. immune from that. its the details that make a movie great. tell me if im being petty or tell me if you agree.
I like the movie and the pikachu ko'n the golem is just the mysetery of the pikachu :O
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