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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Oh, Ichigo. If you don't mind, I would also like to enter in a villain to this RP as well. I took AuraSphere's comment into mind, and I just realized: I have never RP'd a villain before. It should be rather fun, playing both Naughty and Nice at once!

Thanks for the suggestion Aura!

Name: Orfeo Fialus
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, well-built, tanned and good-looking young man. Orfeo has dark-ish purple hair and matching eyes, which make him look unusual to much of the population. However, one trait that hinders his overall appearance, is his expression. Orfeo's eyebrows and facial structure always make it look like he is up to no good, whether he really is or not (most of the time he is though). He wears a snazzy looking button-up shirt and keeps the top buttons undone, along with a coat slung over his shoulder, and dress pants with leather shoes.

Personality: Manipulative and cunning, Orfeo knows what to do when the time calls for it. He frequently takes advantage of his good looks, and his money to win people over to his side, all in his benefit in the end though. He is almost obsessively loyal to his boss however, and will do almost anything to please him, regardless of who gets injured or hurt in the process. His Pokemon seem to be the only friends he has, whom he uses to serve as his agents. Orfeo himself rarely gets personally involved in a conflict, but will join in if forced to. His overconfidence and narcissism though is a frequent downfall that he suffers from.

History: Once a former executive of a gigantic landscaping and agriculture company, Orfeo's main job was to launder money to fund works for the gang in which his brother Adrian was an executive for: Hoenn's Team Magma. Orfeo would secretly transfer funds to accounts of Team Magma members and cover up their paper trails so that they could help succeed in their goals. He himself was an ardent supporter of Team Magma's cause, to the point that he would refuse to hire any person who was suspected of being a Team Aqua member and secretly try to frame them for crimes they did not commit. Both Teams knew him rather well, and did their best to either respect or avoid him.
However, after the fall of the two Hoenn villainous teams, Orfeo was left without any goal or purpose in his life. He quit his job at the landscaping firm and used his money to go buy a house in Sinnoh, where he hoped he could find something to do. However, after being rejected by Team Galactic, Orfeo was purpose-less once again, and was forced to settle down as a Casino Manager. However, one day a mysterious letter arrived from a Salamance in the sky and offered him a job to work for the evil Team Annhilation. Orfeo readily accepted and made his way over to Almia, ready to wreck havoc once more.

Pokemon: The Fabulous Four: Orfeo owns a set of four female Pokemon whom are his friends/agents. All four of them are self-proclaimed sisters, which is a pretty accurate term to describe their relationship. All the girls are obsessed with their appearance, and with makeup and jewelry, constantly wanting to look good and have men fall over and worship at their feet. They somehow know how to speak English, probably from training with Orfeo. The Fabulous Four are also infatuated with their master, wanting to win over his 'love' and show up their "siblings" as well. They also quarrel like sisters too, sometimes a bit too much.

Species: Piplup
Name: Azure
Age: 15

Moves: Pound, Shadow Ball, Sheer Cold, Aurora Beam
Info: The Youngest of the Fabulous Four, and the least interested in her master, although she still likes him. Azure is mostly a playful Pokemon, who likes to play with others and toy with them at times. However, this also is part of her dark side as well, as she is also childishly sadistic and cruel when she chooses to. She likes to use innocent "Child Games" and give them a dark twist, often that results in severe injury and harm to the other "player".

Species: Vulpix
Name: Sienna

Moves: Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Metal Claw, Protect
Info: the Second-youngest "sibling". Sienna is probably the most in love with her master, and does pretty much anything to win his affection. An extremely vengeful Pokemon, Sienna will condemn anyone who dares mess up her appearance, and is not afraid to carry out her threats. She also is the most athletic of her siblings, and often the one who will take up Orfeo's missions first, having the strength and endurance to easily stand alone in tough battles.

Species: Medicham
Name: Gauri
Age: 18

Moves: Psychic, Punishment, Reflect, Vine Whip
Info: The Second-Eldest of the Fabulous Four. Gauri is extremely insulting and derogatory to those around her, never passing up a moment to mock those around her, even her own companions, although she would never insult her master. The laziest of the four due to her type, Gauri rarely takes up missions by herself even though she can hold her own in battle. She mostly just tags along with one of her "sisters" and takes the credit for herself. Considered the most of a "w***e" by those around her, Gauri is willing to use all her feminine charms to get her way, even though in reality she doesn't care about them at all.

Species: Marowak
Name: Khloe
Age: 19

Moves: Bone Rush, Giga Drain, Rock Smash, Secret Power
Info: The Eldest of the "siblings". A proud and selfish woman, Khloe is willing to step on other people to get her way, regardless of how it will harm them in the end. While she holds a mild attraction to her master, Khloe is actually a man-hater, bitter about any member of the male gender. She never reveals why she hates guys though, she says she just does. Khloe also abuses her role as the eldest of her companions, often ordering them around under the threat of humiliating them in front of Orfeo.

Other: Orfeo seems to be afraid of superiors and people higher than himself. He acts as a kiss-up to them alot of the time, but if given a position higher then them, he will work them to the ground.