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Default Re: What do YOU look like? :O

Originally Posted by Phantom King Zoroark View Post
Dude controll yourself.
I am sure she doesnt feel the same way:D
Man your doing it all wrong thats not how to get some hawt chicks like the beuiteful whatserface.

You gotta be nice and all that boring stuff first not just go "you're damn se*y
i wanna make babies with you"
What kinda guy are you?

Anyways backto the main topic below

You look hot there darling
Haha thanks. And uh I read the comments...interesting conversation lmao. I would have replied sooner but I've been busy sorting out my HDDs, other social networks, etc. I'd like to be on here more often. Anyway I thought all of the comments were pretty funny. I'm going to be attending Otakon this year and going to be dressing up as the female character/rival from Ruby/Sapphire. I'll put it up on here when I get a chance. Tell me what you think. Peace out!

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