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Default Re: Pokemon The First Movie- like or dislike??

Originally Posted by ash_ketchup View Post
ya true true. i guess that is a valid point.
and yeah i was like sad when i saw all the fighting cuz it was truly like real fighting. they were getting hurt and stuff. and just the way they showed real emotion with the pikachu part was really cool i thought. it was like good story writing not like those tv episodes we see xD
(note that the first two seasons of pokemon were boss)
Pokemon was good until they went into the 5th season or what they say " Enter Hoenn ".... 4Kids did the best job in running pokemon but after Johto it went all down hill when the pokemon company decided to run the anime itself... 4kids was better because they put pokemon with the real world and real world problems ( examples " team rocket were terrorist " " the 2 part boat sink episode " " the bridge bike gang episode )