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Default Re: Aliens: Friend or foe? Real or myth?

"Aliens" as you as well as many like to call them exist. Asking if they are friend or foe jumps to conclusions. Not all lifeforms beyond earth will be as complex as humans, or even as spiders. The fact that they are different is definitely true, but I think throughout the infinite possibilities for life's existence elsewhere, there could be a separately-evolved species of humans from different origins than us, but ended up VERY similar or exactly like us. Being able to allow yourself to want to comprehend infinity is the first key to being able to understand how many possibilities life can take. And if we ever came into contact with an intelligent species of life outside of earth, I doubt it will be face to face. And I doubt the "alien" species will be out to make friends or foe...rather, to investigate beyond their original boundaries, which is exactly what we are doing...only our ignorance is causing us to look for life as allies, and not just life period.
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