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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

We need villians!

Name: Izzy Bluff

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Appearence: He wears his Team Aqua Bandana but not the rest of the gear. He has a rough sailor beard. His hair is brown and his eyes blue. He doesnt wear a shirt and wears jean shorts that go up to his knees. He wears sandals and always has his Vaporeon by his side. He is muscularly built and larger than the average male.

Position: Highly Ranked Admin


{Jet} Vaporeon (F)

Moves: Dig, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Hail, Hydro Pump
Info: Jet is Izzy's only pokemon that he still has from Team Aqua. It is always next to him and his trusy aid.

{Rage} Gabite (M)

Moves: Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Sunny Day
Info: Jet's favorite pokemon.

{King} Nidoking (M)

Moves: Superpower, Poison Jab, Protect, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam
Info: After leaving Team Aqua, Izzy got a Nidoran which eventually evolved into this Nidoking.

{KO} Gengar (M)

Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Poison Jab, Giga Drain, Metronome
Info: KO is Izzy's special trump card knowing metronome.

History: Izzy used to be a high ranking Team Aqua Adminastrator who called all the shots. After thier downfall, Izzy left the team to become a assassin-like paid theif who stole many pokemon and important goods. Eventually he got bored of his job and settled in a cottage with a boat. He lived a basic life untill he received this letter...

Other: Go Team (Insert evil organization name here)!

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