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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

OOC: Fun Fun =P

*outside, about a mile away, from Fusia City*
"Snow...and heat....THAT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE!" Josh complained.

A light drizzle of snow fell from the sky, as the sun beat down hard, melting the snow as soon as it hit the ground. Josh sat on a large rock with his Breloom, Jade.

"What the hell is going on here? All these weather changes have been so strange. First it was raining, then snowing, then thunder storms, it just keeps going. I mean look at it, its the middle of summer, and its snowing!"

Jade tilted her head to the side, giving a rather confused look. "Bre breloom," She said.

"Wish I could understand you better, instead of little bits and pieces." Josh sighed,"You're so much more in tune with nature, you probably know whats going on."

As it snowed faster, Jade and Josh wondered back to the Fusia City PokeCenter.
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