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Default Music-- worse as it progresses?

Started with classical music long ago, to jazz, then rock, to rock and roll, to disco, to r&b, country, then finally rap which leads to the future of ganster music. this mostly pertains to the rap music. the language, the content... based on gangsterhood. this type of music has hard influence on children. come on, you see the Bratz dolls with hip teens clothing for little girls.
each type of music played for the time it was the 'thing'.

classical- orderly
jazz- lay back
rock- start of chaos
rock and roll- teens separate from parents
disco- this whole era is weird
r&b- entertainment industry get to younger audience
modern rock- drug use in songs
rap- gangsters with money take over music

the music sets the tone for that time in history and since I am saying that music gets worse as it progresses, then what can be worse than rap?


Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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