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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Gaygar rocks View Post
but this is my sig my first lol i have worked with photoshop

D'awww! it reminds me of my first photoshop banner. I was in awe of the "Text Editing" bits. I was like "Gimp don't have this. I like."

Anyways, is this your first photoshop, or first ever? If you used Gimp before then I trust you know how to tackle lighting, depth and text placement? Also knowing how to work a flow of the banner helps. There are plenty of tutorials and people here that can and more than likely will help you with that. You maybe new to photoshop, but when you start playing around in it, you'll learn that they aren't so different. x3

So now that I've commented on this, how about someone tackle mine. A decent 4 month hiatus from Graphics and I created this:

Have fun ~
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