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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

original team (made at age 9): - blastoise, arcanine, wigglytuff, jolteon, dugtrio, vileplume
round 2: arcanine, sandslash, jolteon, dragonite, lapras, butterfree
round 3: flareon, electabuzz, dodrio, seadra, hypno, nidoking/kangaskhan
currently at work on round 4
original: feraligatr, furret, bellossom, ampharos, tyranitar, houndoom/ho-oh
round 2: xatu, ursaring, kingdra, bellossom, ampharos, t-tar
round 3 comes whenever I get around to picking up that copy of Crystal I got the other week
\'o'/ wooo

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