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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

My silver team is:
Typhlosion lv 98
Gyarados(Shiny) lv 95
Lugia lv 97
Golbat lv 89
Snorlax lv 94
Raticate lv 90

and my alternate team was
Lugia lv 97
Golem lv 99
Gyarados(Non-Shiny) lv 92
Steelix lv 93
Jolteon lv 100
Rapidash lv 98

and my blue team was
Blastoise lv 99
raichu lv 97
zapdos lv 96
dugtrio lv 97
victreebel lv 100
dewgong lv 100

I worked hard on these teams also so i hope they were good
IGN- Shane
I also have Platinum and Heart Gold, but I don't do competitive play with those.

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