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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
Park (Forest)

"Yeah... I wasn't watching where I was going an fell down the hill there," he replied, with an almost embarrassed smile on his face and then gave the steep hillside a nodding, indication that`s where his fall had happened. Lani couldn`t help but feel a little bad for him, it must not have been a pleasant ride down. Before she could answer, Kiseki turned his gaze to the tunnel, which emitted a strong blackness.

"After hearing a loud crash in the tunnel, everyone else went to go check it out." After finishing, he glanced back at Lani and added, "Do you wanna go too, or would you rather stay out here?"

“It`s really up to you,” she said, letting her decision rest with Kiseki`s preference. The girl had a feeling he`s want to go in, though, and gave the dark tunnel a quick looking at before bringing her gaze back to the boy. When her eyes met his, she felt her cheeks warm up again, she Lani let them go back to the entrance…

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