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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"Wha...what happened, are you okay?" Kiseki was confused by Lani's question at first, but then remembered the cuts on his face.

"Yeah... I wasn't watching where I was going an fell down the hill there," he responded with a sheepish smile, nodding at the steep hill beside him to show where he meant. He glanced back at the tunnel then, where the others had just disappeared into the darkness, "After hearing a loud crash in the tunnel, everyone else went to go check it out." He looked back to Lani, "Do you wanna go too, or would you rather stay out here?"

Inside the tunnel, Ichiru noted that it was far darker than it had looked from the outside. Even the combination of the three cell phones didn't provide much light. Even so, in the dim lighting, he noticed a scar on Ashley's stomach (can't see the other because he's looking from the side). He couldn't tell if it was aged, or if it had just happened not too long ago and just recently scarred.

"Hey... What happened to your stomach?"

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