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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
Park (Forest)

"Lani! Come down here, but be careful. Jeremy and I found something down here." More feminine then Kiseki`s, that familiar voice must have come from Ashley. Lani wondered what she and her brother had discovered, as she approached the group. Their voiced grew clearer, but since they were talking among themselves, she could make out their exact words.

What she did get, however, was that a figure had bolted deeper into the woods, but she hadn`t even got a decent look as to who it was. Hopefully, nobody had gotten upset with another, leading to the previous action. Lani paused for a second, wondering who that person even was, but as she didn`t get a clear image, couldn`t identify the individual.

"Well it's either you come with me or I go by myself, so pick one." Ashley spoke, sounding adamant. She was now wearing a pink tank top and shorts, and this almost made Lani shiver.

"You're so damn stubborn. You know that?" Jeremy responded, after crossing his arms. His sister commented and wasted no time… entering some sort of hole in the hillside. Actually, it seemed like some sort of tunnel. Eyes widening, Lani wondered if this was what all the rumours were about. Jeremy followed her in, and not long after did one of the twins. It didn`t take her long to realise that Kiseki was left, and Lani smiled to herself before picking up her pace.

“Wha…what happened, are you okay?” asked the girl, noticing the cuts on his face.

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