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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"Yeah. The ground gave way and I fell down the hill." Ashley responded to Ichiru's question, bringing him to look back to her. The same thing had happened to Kiseki, and probably the boy that had just run off as well.

"You're not alright. Look at yourself!" Jeremy protested to Ashley's previous statement, ""Your knee is split opened, your blood streaming down your leg, and your left wrist could be broken."

Concern clouded Ichiru's eyes. "Broken?" He repeated the last word, his brow furrowing.

"I doubt it's broken Jeremy. I can move it."

"Really? Move it for me then."

Kiseki and Ichiru watched as Ashley carefully stretched out her left arm, attempting to move her wrist. She didn't show any obvious signs of pain, but both boys knew that the action had to have hurt.

A loud crash suddenly sounded from behind them. Kiseki and Ichiru turned simultaneously, simply staring at the large tunnel in front of them in shock. Neither of them had even noticed it was there until that very moment. Ichiru jumped slightly when Ashley wrapped her arm around his, saying the very thing he had been about to say. She seemed to realized what she was doing then, and let him go, venturing toward the tunnel. Her timing for doing so was perfect, for his cheeks began to burn in a slight blush right after she let go.

Kiseki noticed this, since Ichiru's skin was about as pale as his and smiled to himself, remaining silent.

Both boys appeared alarmed when Ashley took off her black shirt, thankfully having a pink tanktop underneath. She ripped off a piece of the shirt with her teeth, proceeding to wrap it around her knee while still arguing with her brother. She threw the rest of the shirt into a bush after finishing, and walked into the tunnel, Jeremy at her heels.

Ichiru glanced back at Kiseki, silently telling him what he was going to do with his eyes. After taking out his cell phone, he followed the two into the tunnel. Kiseki hung back nervously, looking back to Lani as he waited for her to catch up. As much as he couldn't stand to be away from Ichiru, or as much as he would worry, he would see if she wanted to stay outside or go in as well, so that she wouldn't be left alone.

OoC: I'm thinking about bringing in another character, so that Clouse won't be alone. If you guys see a new SU in the sign up thread, you know why.
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