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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

After a few moments of looking into the dark tunnel, a disturbance could be heard from behind them. Both the siblings quickly looked, seeing Kiseki roll down the hill and crash into the same tree Ashley had.

"Kiseki? Are you alright!?" Ashley said. She started to walk towards him until Ichiru came down, but luckily he didn't fall. After a few moments of helping his brother up to his feet, Ichiru's gaze fell among Ashley.

"What happened? Are you alright?" Ichiru asked.
"Yeah. The ground gave away and I fell down the hill."
"You're not alright. Look at yourself!" Jeremy added. "Your knee is split opened, your blood streaming down your leg, and your left wrist could be broken."
"I doubt that it's broken Jeremy. I can move it."
"Really? Move it for me then." Jeremy said as he crossed his arms. Ashley carefully put out her arm, attempting to move around her wrist. She was able to move it but the sharp pain that jolted up her arm was too painful.
"It's most likely just sprained."
"Mhmm." Jeremy just rolled his eyes and looked over at the twins, shaking his head. Shortly after, another scream could be heard and saw a boy roll down the hill. "What the?" Jeremy added.

"This really isn't my day... Is it?" the boy said to himself. Ashley walked over to him and knelt down on her good knee that wasn't deeply cut opened, holding her wrists up to her stomach so she wouldn't hit it on anything.
"Are you alright?" Ashley asked.

"Anyone out there!" a familiar voice could be heard from the top of the hill. Ashley looked up and smiled.
"Lani! Come down here, but be careful. Jeremy and I found something down here." Ashley said as she looked over at the tunnel, then back over at the boy.

"I... I must be seeing double..." the boy had said, looking over at Kiseki and Ichiru. He cleaned off his glasses and then put them back on. "Well, I guess I- I'm not seeing double... So, you must be twins. Anyway... I'm Clouse-- I mean ummm... I should probably go..." he said as he got up and left.

"Wait!" Ashley said at the same time as Kiseki. Ashley sighed and stood up to her feet. Lani was now at the bottom of the hill like everyone else. Ashley happily waved at Lani as she stood between Kiseki and Ichiru. All of a sudden a loud crash could be heard from inside the tunnel. Ashley jumped and quickly wrapped her good arm around Ichiru's left arm. "What the hell was that?" Ashley asked. She realized that she grabbed Ichiru's arm and quickly let go. "Sorry..." Ashley said as she looked down. She slowly walked towards the cave as she blushed, but then stopped when another crash could be heard.

"Something's down there." Jeremy said as he stood in front of his sister. Ashley took a deep breath and took off her black shirt, revealing her pink tank top that was underneath. "What are you doing?"
"I'm going in there. I just have to wrap up my knee." Ashley said as she ripped a long piece of her shirt off by using her good hand and her teeth.
"Oh no you're not."
"Wanna bet?" Ashley said as she began to tie the fabric around her knee. The sharp pains went up her arm, but she did her best to ignore them. When her knee was tightly wrapped up, she threw the rest of her shirt into a bush and took a step forward. Her pink tank top went up about an inch above her belly button so her two scars were completely visible, but she had forgotten all about them.

"You're NOT going in there by yourself."
"Well it's either you come with me or I go by myself, so pick one." Ashley said. Jeremy just crossed his arms and looked at his sister.
"You're so damn stubborn. You know that?"
"Yup, and that's why you love me." Ashley said as she walked in the tunnel. Jeremy sighed and looked over at the rest of the group.
She's so fricken reckless I swear. Nothing ever scares her... You guys coming?" Jeremy asked, then turning around and followed his sister. The two took out their cell phones and used them as flashlights.
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