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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OoC: This is completely random, but I realized a pattern in our characters.. Every other person that goes down the hill falls; it's like they're in a pattern or something. xD

IC: A few moments after Kiseki moved the bag, the boy sat up, rubbing his forehead.

"I... I must be seeing double..." Kiseki and Ichiru knew that this was directed at them. Somehow his reaction was amusing in a way; not like the people at school who looked at them like aliens.

After taking of his glasses and rubbing his eyes, he spoke again. ""Well, I guess I- I'm not seeing double... So, you must be twins. Anyway... I'm Clouse-- I mean ummm... I should probably go..." He shoved a lone book that had fallen out of his bag back into it, jumping to his feet and running in the opposite direction.

"Wait...!" Kiseki's call trailed off as he disappeared through the trees, and he scowled, glancing back at Ichiru. "Do you think he'll be okay by himself?"

"As long as the ground is stable and he knows where he's going, I guess..."

"Kiseki?" The younger twin straightened up, wincing at his back, hearing Lani respond to his call. A few moments later, he saw someone land a few feet away, waving their right arm as they made their way to the group. At least she hadn't fallen, too...

"Hey." He said the only thing that came to mind at the particular moment as Ichiru absentmindedly wiped some blood off of his brother's cheek, smearing the cut somewhat.
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