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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

After a few seconds after hitting the ground and being pounded in the face by a heavy bag, did Clouse hear footsteps and people. It got louder and his pulse sped up. The footsteps stopped as he knew they were right next to him. Someone had lifted the bag from his face and he opened an eye to see a few people. A bit scared of the people, Clouse sat up and rubbed his forehead. He got a good look at the people as his eyes widened.

"I... I must be seeing double..." He said stunned, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes in order to make sure he was seeing correctly. He put his glasses back on and blinked a few times.

"Well, I guess I- I'm not seeing double... So, you must be twins. Anyway... I'm Clouse-- I mean ummm... I should probably go..." He said in a jittery voice, collecting his book, quickly shoving it into his bag and jumping to his feet.

The boy quickly took off, not saying anything more. He began to run off in a random direction, noticing the texture of the ground had changed a bit, he started slipping but controlled his balance. "Whew... I'm not all about that meeting people jazz, what if things happened just the same as last time, I really couldn't handle rejection like that again... Well, no matter, I guess I just have to keep running, there's no way I'd meet anyone else. I could probably just get home." He thought to himself still shaking a little.

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