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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
Park (Forest)

"Lani? Is that you?" A very familiar voice responded, which was a quite surprising. She looked downward, hoping to catch a glimpse of the scene below, but couldn`t see too much.

“Kiseki?” she called, but didn`t wait for a reply to act. The softness of the ground made actually walking this .hill a bad move; losing footing was far too easy. There, however, appeared to be no other way of descending, too high to jump and not steep enough to slide. Sighing, she started, bending her knees to gain stability, like Haukea had shown her a while back. Silently thanking her older sister, Lani carefully went down, and jumped when reaching about half way. Landing awkwardly but safely, she smiled weakly, happy a crash wasn`t the result of the somewhat reckless move. From here, the girl could see a small cluster of people, and started toward them, waving her right arm for a moment.

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