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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Broderick View Post

It's really good man. The only thing I would change just in my opinion, would be to make it darker around the cat's eye farthest to the left. That, and make a dark gradient map, and use the dodge tool on the cat's eyes. I think there isn't enough attention drawn to the main render. This all depends though, did you want the banner to be focused on the text, or the render? It's hard to tell for me, but it's still a good banner.

My first sprite banner in like, ever. I think I made one about a year ago, but yeah. I have mixed feelings about the light source... I knew I needed one, and I tried to make it broad and not overpower the banner. Looking on it now, I think the two low-opacity renders around the focal sprite take away a bit of attention. What do you guys think?
This is also my first banner in about 5 months, so don't go too rough. ^_^; I think it turned out pretty well.
Alonzo, I actually looked at your Kingdra banner a bunch as I was doing this. xD You can probably see the influence.

It's rather bland, imo. Have the sprite blend in more with the tag, it stands out a bit much. The colors don't really mesh to well either. The background sprites do seem a little sloppy too. The light source seems to be pretty good, though. Overall, it's alright.

I haven't played around with gfx in like, 327648372 years though, so yeah. :p

Credit to FD!

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