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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

A few moments later, Ichiru stopped the car a little away from the park and cut it off, making sure to put in into park. As soon as the twins got out of the car, a scream echoed in the silent air, making a few birds shoot out of the trees nearby.

"What a welcoming greeting," Ichiru muttered, glancing over at Kiseki, who had pulled his hood up over his head to block out the chilly air. "C'mon, let's see where it came from." Kiseki nodded and followed his brother across the park in the direction of the scream.

As they grew closer, the two could hear voices, although it was hard to tell which direction they were coming from now. Kiseki, however, was drawn toward the left, near the woods. Ichiru, simply not wanting to lose his brother, followed him as he ran toward the gathering of trees. It wasn't long before the pair could smell a faint hint of blood in the air.

"Do you smell that?" Kiseki glanced back at Ichiru, who nodded, a disturbed expression on his face. "I hope someone isn't hurt..." His statement was unneeded, however, for both of them knew that if there was blood, someone had obviously been injured. Kiseki couldn't help but wonder if the person had been asleep...

"Kiseki, watch it!"

Ichiru's shout failed to reach the younger twin before his foot landed on a loose piece of earth, which crumbled underneath him, sending him tumbling down a steep hill. He bit back a cry of pain when his back collided with a tree at the end of the seemingly endless fall, sending pain jolting up his spine. He had completely forgotten about his bruise until just now. He whimpered softly, daring to open his eyes to see where he'd landed. The first thing he saw was, to his utter surprise, Ashley and Jeremy standing only a few feet away.

Despite the pain, he gave them a sheepish smile, "Hey..." It was then that he noticed all of the cuts on Ashley, as well as the bleeding wound on her knee. "What happened?"

Ichiru slid down in front of him, catching his balance before crashing into his brother. Now Kiseki really wished he'd have learned to snowboard like Ichiru. He never imagined that it would actually come in handy.

"Are you alright?" He helped his twin up carefully, taking note of the bush of thorns behind him. Nothing seemed to be injured too badly; a few rips in his hoodie from the thorns, but barely noticeable. The only thing that stood out was two large cuts on his face; one of his forehead, the other on his left cheek.

Kiseki simply nodded, unable to straighten his back at first as he stood. Ichiru's expression softened, worry appearing in his eyes, "You really need to pay more attention to what you're doing..." His attention shifted to Ashley and Jeremy then, and he appeared obviously shocked to see them there.

"What happened?" His question mirrored Kiseki's, then his gaze shifted to Ashley, "Are you okay?"
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