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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Ashley and Jeremy finished up their food and went back inside to put their plates in the sink and throw away their soda cans. As they did that, Jeremy looked over at his sister and smiled.

"Hey, you wanna go to the park? It's a really nice day. We could throw around the frisbee if you want."
"Yeah sure. I'm a lot more awake now." Ashley said as she cleaned the dishes. As Ashley washed, Jeremy loaded them in the dishwasher. When they were done, Ashley grabbed her keys and Jeremy grabbed a blue frisbee he found in one of the boxes in the basement. "I'm driving."

"Alrighty." The two of them made their way to Ashley's red Mustang and drove off. They drove around for a little while until they found the huge park that was only a few blocks away from their house. There was a football field that was surrounded by thick woods.

"Let's go back over there by the woods." Ashley said as she parked the car and the two of them walked out. They walked to the field side by side until they reached the entrance to the woods. Jeremy walked away from his sister until there was about a fifteen foot gap between the two.

"So how were your other classes?" Jeremy asked as he threw the frisbee first. Ashley caught it and threw it back to him.
"Pretty boring actually. Ohh, in History class we're going to be talking about The Underground Railroad."
"Really? At our other school we learned that sophomore year."
"I guess the school's system's different."
"Well at least you'll know everything."
"Haha yeah." They said to each other. Jeremy threw the frisbee a little too hard this time. It soared through the air and went into the woods behind a bush. Ashley looked out into the woods, then back at Jeremy and gave him a look.

"Fine, I'll get it."
"No, stay there, I'm closer." Ashley said. She turned around and walked into the woods. She was about fifty feet into the woods until she finally found the frisbee.
"Are you alright?" Jeremy yelled from the football field, unable to see his sister.
"Yeah, I found the frisbee." Ashley yelled back, hearing her voice echo. She was about to walk out of the woods until she heard something. Ashley quickly stopped and listened. It sounded like there were faint voices not too far away from here. Ashley just stood there for a second, trying to find out where the voices were coming from. When she found the direction of them, she followed it. She walked a little bit until the voices stopped, unable to hear them anymore. The voices had led her to a very steep dirt hill. "Jeremy!" Ashley yelled.

"Come over here!" Ashley yelled back. Jeremy ran into the woods to find his sister. Ashley leaned over and looked down at the hill, wondering what could be down there. As Ashley leaned forward, she leaned too much. The soft dirt gave away from underneath her feet and caused her to fall down the hill. She let out a loud scream, which made Jeremy run even faster.

"Ashley!" Jeremy yelled as his adrenaline kicked in through his body. Ashley rolled down the hill extremely fast and was unable to stop. The only thing she could do was shield her face with her arms while she rolled down. Ashley finally came to a stop when her body hit a tree with a medium sized thorn bush in front of it at full force. At first Ashley couldn't get up. She was afraid if she moved then she would feel sharp pains of any broken bones she could of gotten. Ashley just laid there, doing her best to keep calm and concentrate, figuring out if she had broken anything. She slowly moved her fingers, then her arms, and then her legs and ankles. Everything seemed to be okay. The only thing that really hurt was her wrist, but it only felt like a sprain. With a deep breath, Ashley finally sat up slowly, sitting on the cold ground. There were thorn cuts on her arms and legs, also her knee was cut opened pretty badly, but Ashley was relieved. It could of been a lot worse, and Ashley knew that. "Ashley!" Ashley heard Jeremy yell from above her.

"Be careful Jeremy!"
"I will, just stay there and don't move. I'm coming to you." Jeremy very carefully walked down the steep dirt hill and quickly made his way over to his sister. His eyes widened when he saw Ashley's cuts and her knee. Jeremy was about to say something but Ashley spoke first.

"It's okay. It's not that bad."
"Not that bad? Look at you!"
"Nothing's broken. I think my wrist is just sprained. It could of been a lot worse."
"Yeah but look at your leg." They both looked down at Ashley's right leg, seeing all the blood drip down. There was so much that Jeremy and Ashley could even smell it in the air.

"Come on, let's just get home." Ashley said. Jeremy nodded and helped his sister to her feet, but being careful of her left wrist. Ashley looked up to her right and just gasped. Jeremy quickly turned around to see what Ashley was looking at, and his eyes widened. There was a huge tunnel that made it's way in the hill. The two siblings slowly walked over to it, peeking inside but not going in.

"You don't think this is a tunnel from The Underground Railroad do you?" asked Jeremy.
"I-I think it is..." responded Ashley. The two of them just stood there at the entrance, not knowing what to do from here.
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