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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

The first day of school was finally over for Ashley and Jeremy. The two of them met up in front of the gym and walked together to Jeremy's car. When they got to the car, a pink piece of paper was taped to his window. Jeremy grabbed it and looked it over, his jaw dropping a few seconds later.

"What the hell is this?!"
"I got a damn parking ticket!"
"Are you serious?" Ashley grabbed the pink paper and read it over. "Jeremy, you need to get a parking pass."
"A parking pass?"
"Yeah. If a student parks in the student parking lot without a parking pass they will get a ticket." Ashley said.
"I didn't even know we needed one. This blows!"
"We can get one from the office. I need one for my car too."
"Can't we just share one since we ride to school together?"
"Nope, says on here you have to write down the license plate's numbers and letters on the pass. It's costs five dollars each."
"I don't have any money on me though."
"I have a ten, I'll pay for it." Ashley said as the two of them began to walk back to the school.
"Okay thank you. I'll pay you back."
"Nahh it's okay. You can just take me out to lunch sometime." Ashley said with a smile. Jeremy just nodded his head and smiled as well. They got the parking passes they needed and explained to the principal that they were new students and they didn't know they needed a parking pass. The principal understood and would talk to the school cop, so Jeremy wouldn't have to pay the ticket. They walked back to Jeremy's car and headed home. The weather outside got a lot warmer so Ashley was going to change into shorts once they got home.

"Looks like I dodged a bullet."
"Yeah. Luckily for you they dropped the ticket."
"Haha yeah." They made it home and walked up to their own rooms. Ashley pulled out a pair of dark blue denim short shorts and put them on. Jeremy put on a pair of red basketball shorts that went down to his knees. He knocked on Ashley's bedroom door to make sure it was safe to enter.

"It's okay, come on it." Ashley said. Jeremy walked in and found his sister changed into a pair of shorts. "I'm hungry." Ashley said. She only had an apple for lunch because the school's lunch looked gross. It was cheese burger day. Jeremy forced down the school's lunch, but hated it.

"Let's go see what's in the kitchen." Jeremy said as Ashley nodded in agreement. They walked down to the kitchen and opened up the freezer.

"That looks good!" Ashley said as she grabbed a box of philly cheese steak meat and a bag of frozen fries. Jeremy laughed as he shook his head back and forth.

"You can eat so much and not gain a pound."
"Thank God I have such a good metabolism, otherwise I'd be fat."
"Hahaha" Jeremy just laughed and he pulled out the veta cheese from the refrigerator. Ashley opened up the bag of fries and poured half the bag onto a cookie sheet, then sliding it into the hot oven. Jeremy cooked almost the whole box of philly cheese steak meat on the frying pan and grabbed the huge cheese steak buns. After when the fries were done, Ashley and Jeremy put together two huge philly cheese steak sandwiches and a plateful of fries. They each grabbed a can of soda and walked outside to the front yard where the porch was. They sat down on the steps and ate their big lunch in the front yard, talking and watching the cars go by. Since they lived on a side street, not that many cars passed.
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