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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Fierce Deity View Post

Flow - Well, for starters, the banner pretty much lacks a flow, and while I do see a little bit of flow, it points in all types of directions. That should be avoided because you want your viewers to be able to know where the focal is at (in your case, Darkrai) and you should know where their eyes will follow to next. To create a flow, C4Ds would probably be a good start to creating a flow after you flip/turn/etc that C4D to make it go in the direction matching your render, thus creating a flow.

Light Source - Honestly, I don't see any. That should be avoided almost always since light sources tend to be a staple to most banners. To create a light source, use a Soft Brush, and then look where the light of your render is coming from, then create a light source from that direction. Most of the time I use the soft brush, then I create a new transparent layer with black/white using the Gradient tool with the white being towards the light and black towards the shadows, then setting it to overlay.

Focal - It's clear that Darkrai is the focal, but next time, try sharpening your focal to make them more distinct from the rest. Depending on your tag, you should blur the bg while sharpening the focal. An example would be a person standing in front of a house; the person would be sharpened while the house would be blurred.

So overall, I'd rate the banner 5/10

Anyway, I made a new sprite banner (3 versions of it)

The light on the third is too bright. I think the font on the first doesn't fit the theme. I like the second overall.

The best banner I've ever made:

C+CC needed!

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