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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

Lani Hyland
The girl smiled when Mr. Tanner offered Ashley a chance to enter the Ohio art contest. That was a great offer, and after having caught a glimpse of her piece, Lani knew that the girl had a decent chance at winning.

"That's so awesome!" Jeremy`s voice was full of enthusiasm as he jumped from his seat and gave his sister a hug.

"You heard?" she said, happy yet surprised

"I think the whole class heard. Did you see how excited he was?" Exclaimed the boy, cheerfully.

"Haha yeah."

"Yeah, that's really great," Kiseki commented in support, with Ichiru smiling.

“Awesome,” Lani managed, giving the brunette a thumbs up.

"We'll see you guys later. We should hanging out at the park or something later." The brunette suggested, and the other girl noticed her smiling at Ichiru before stepping out into the hallway. Lani waved gently as her brother joined her. As the class was leaving, she leaned back against her chair and toke another deep breath.

"Are you okay?" The combined voices of Kiseki and Ichiru prompted her to look up from giving her work one last check.

“Yeah, I`m fine,” She said, giving the boys a gentle smile, taking notice that Kiseki hadn`t yet submitted his drawing, “I can hand your paper in for you, if you`d like,” she offered, hoping her cheeks hadn`t gone rosy.

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