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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

OoC: I forgot that Lani was afraid of big dogs A picnic sounds good, though. We can skip through the rest of the school day if you want, if there's nothing particular that either of you have in mind for other classes or anything.

IC: After a moment's pause, Kiseki heard Jeremy say, "That's really good." He looked up, seeing the drawing of a Japanese scenery on Ashley's paper. Jeremy was right; it was really good.

"Thanks, so is yours." After Ashley's response, Kiseki's gaze shifted to the large dragon on Jeremy's paper. It seemed that both siblings had a gift for drawing, just like Ichiru. Kiseki wasn't so bad himself, but Ichiru surpassed him by.. a lot.

Ashley got up to turn in her paper, and, as Kiseki finished up his own, he couldn't help but overhear the conversation between Ashley and Mr. Tanner. He looked up in unision with Ichiru when she started to come back to the table.

"That's so awesome!" Jeremy beat Kiseki to the comment as he got up and hugged his sister tightly.

"Yeah, that's really great," Kiseki spoke as Ichiru smiled in agreement. The bell rang then, and everyone got up to leave.

"We'll see you guys later. We should hanging out at the park or something later." Ashley said to the group.

"Yeah," Kiseki responded as Ichiru got up to take his paper to Mr. Tanner, "Maybe we can meet up after school or something." His attention shifted to Lani then as he heard her take a few heavy breaths. Concern instantly became apparent in his eyes as Ichiru returned from submitting his paper, although Kiseki hadn't been aware that he'd left. He noticed Lani's sudden change instantly, and furrowed his brow in both confusion and concern, speaking in unision with his twin.

"Are you okay?"
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