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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"It sounds fun, sure." Kiseki said with a smile, then looking over at Ichiru as he spoke again. "Although truthfully, neither of us have anyone to take in mind even now." Ashley watched as Kiseki glanced over at Lani and began to get nervous and started to blush. Then her glance fell over at Ichiru, who was fighting the urge to smile. Ashley just quickly looked down at her paper and began to blush as well, just like Kiseki did from Lani. Ashley took a deep breath and looked at her paper, seeing that it was done.

"That's really good." Jeremy said with a smile.
"Thanks, so is yours." said Ashley as she glanced over at Jeremy's picture, seeing the large dragon.
"I'm gonna go turn it in." Ashley neatly scripted her name, the class period and the date on the bottom right hand corner with a black pen and stood up. She walked over to Mr. Tanner who was sitting at his desk.

"All done?"
"Yeah, here." said Ashley with a smile as she held out the picture. Mr. Tanner took the paper and looked at it.
"Wow, this picture is so detailed. Do you always draw like this?"
"Yeah. It's sort of a hobby of mine. I would really like to major in art."
"Well you certainly have the skills for it. Can I ask you something?"
"Yeah sure."
"Would you be interested in entering an art contest? We have one towards the end of the third marking period every year. You'll be going up against the entire Ohio state. If you win, there's an $500 dollar prize. Then there will be another one and you'll be going up against the whole country. If you win first place in that contest, then you will win a full four year scholarship to one of the finest art schools in the country. Would you be interested in that?" Mr. Tanner asked with a smile. Ashley's jaw just dropped, trying to find words to say.
"Y-yes, I'm very interested."
"I'm glad. I need you to just fill out this paper for me." said Mr. Tanner as he gave Ashley the contest enrollment sheet. Ashley filled it out and gave it back to Mr. Tanner.
"Thank you Mr. Tanner."
"You're welcome. Will I see you at homecoming?"
"Yeah, me and my brother."
"Very good. Have a wonderful day."
"You too Mr. Tanner." Ashley said with a smile. She looked back at her table and saw Jeremy turned around in his seat looking at her, giving her a big smile.

"That's so awesome!" Jeremy said as Ashley walked back. He stood up and tightly hugged his sister.
"You heard?"
"I think the whole class heard. Did you see how excited he was?"
"Haha yeah." Ashley said. The bell rang as the two siblings grabbed their bags. They both looked over at Lani, the twins, and smiled.

"We'll see you guys later. We should hanging out at the park or something later." Ashley said. She quickly looked at Ichiru, smiled, and walked out. Jeremy handed in his paper and quickly caught up with his sister.

"Are you...blushing?" asked Jeremy.
"Me? Blushing? No.." Jeremy just laughed and the two of them walked out of the classroom.

OOC: A picnic would be a great idea :D

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