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Default Re: Mixed Groups/Clubs Chit Chat

I know everyone is focus on WAR IX right now and all the teams are in the heat of the moment as they enter Week 3 with hopes of capturing even more points. Congrats to all participants, by the way. However, I'm just looking out for possible events that could possibly come to fruition after the WAR.

If you read the above posts and some of the posts on the last page, you'll notice that Neo and I were going into further detail about an idea I had regarding a new type of RP. Neo was generous enough to send me PMs involving his ideas, but my inactivity took the spotlight off of the possible outcome of this brand new idea. If you'd go back and read the posts regarding this idea and would like to help bring it to life, please post here with your username and/or send a PM telling me that you'd like to help. A team of dedicated members would improve the quality and success rate of the idea.

As I stated before, the idea has a strong possibility of being successful, but my inactivity abandoned it. Now that I'm back, I'd like to use this opportunity to revive this idea and look for the best future of RPing for the Pe2k community.
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