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Default Re: Heart Gold and Soul Silver Too Easy?!?!

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I'm only up to Claire but so far I'm finding it really easy, too. I think the most frustrating thing is having such weak wild Pokemon and not many trainers to battle. (And no VS Seeker!) It makes training really annoying.

But now I'm thinking maybe they did that on purpose so people don't train as much and therefore it's not as easy?
I have actually never before had to go out and find wild pokemon to train with. I would usually just pick five pokemon and quickly go through while battling only trainers. Because of this I actually think HGSS is a little more challengeing. I kind of like it though. Because this is the first time I need to train I feel like I can also pick less strong pokemon to make it more challenging, like before I would never have used Hoothoot and Ekans. I am really interested in training more then six pokemon.

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