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Default Re: Pokemon Ranger~Stand By Me~

Originally Posted by IchigoTorisuna View Post
Most kids at your school cuss!? But you're little kids! XD

Hm...Fine >.< I won't call you a brat. :)
[Anime sweatdrop]

Errr...I didn't know she was 11...And yes, I know cussing, too. I'm one year younger than her, and I admit, a few people at my school are pretty stupid. They ask me to say a curse word to a HIGH SCHOOLER who can pulverise me. NO.

Err, i'm sorry 'bout that. I just am used to longer RP's, at least Para RP's. But I can do shoetish ones to. Its just, harder for me to do short ones, I guess. Nya, I'm not that mad at you for cursing me out.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-