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Default Re: World of Nightmares [RP]

"Yeah. It's too widespread to be a hoax." Kiseki heard Lani agree with him, followed by Ashley.

"If there is something going on then I hope it will stop soon."

He breathed a silent sigh of relief, glad that no one had suspected his sudden pause, but nodded to Ashley's statement.

Attention all students and staff. I would just like to remind all of you that the homecoming dance will be this Friday. There is a five dollar admission at the door and it isn't formal, so don't worry. Also this year the guys ask the girls, so be prepared ladies! Also there will be pizza and soda that costs a dollar a piece. Hope to see you all there! A voice cam over the loud speaker, and all students in the classroom lifted their heads in interest. This was the perfect change of subject for them.

"Well that sounds fun." Jeremy was the first to comment, and was followed by Ashley.

"Yeah. I doubt anyone's going to ask me, though."

"Are you kidding Ash? Any guy would be lucky to take you as their date. But then again, almost any guy who asks you will be on my sh*t list."

Kiseki simply blinked at Jeremy's statement, hearing Ashley laugh and question him afterward.

"Because you're a magnet for jerks," Jeremy spoke again, but seemed to quickly realize Kiseki and Ichiru were still there and looked at them, adding, "But except you guys. You guys are cool so I wouldn't mind if one of you asked her. Ow! Hey!"

The twins laughed in unision when Ashley kicked him, although Ichiru's was more of a light chuckle.

I'm sure that they both have a different girl in mind. But anyways, who are you taking?"

"Not sure yet."

After a pause, Ashley leaned back in her chair, "So are you guys going to homecoming?"

"It sounds fun, sure." Kiseki responded the a smile, his gaze shifting to Ichiru as he spoke again.

"Although truthfully, neither of us have anyone to take in mind even now."

Kiseki glanced at Lani, who had fallen quiet again, and his cheeks burned slightly. Ichiru noticed him look back down quickly out of the corner of his eye and fought back the amused smile tugging at his lips at the sudden pink in his brother's cheeks. Dull chatter had started up at the mention of the homecoming dance, breaking the silence in the classroom. Kiseki pretended to suddenly be very interested in his paper, while Ichiru finished up his own quick sketch - a detailed drawing of a wolf, although, due to his rush, some of it was a bit rough. He hadn't concentrated on his work for very long, and had had to rush the rest of the drawing. Nonethless, it looked decent enough to submit. He had wanted to draw something more detailed, but a wolf had been the only thing that came to his mind.

OoC: Lol to be honest, I haven't thought of what Kiseki could draw. xD;
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